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world with the

finest technology

Deep Tech Company - No.1
Financial Investment Algorithm

Traditional fintech services have aimed
to make finance itself easy and convenient.
Innofin distinguishes itself by collecting,
refining, and processing scattered financial data
to make it easily accessible and convenient for the public.
* D2C = Data To Customer · Direct To Customer

Realizing The future

We bring the future into reality based on advanced technology and fast execution.

Aiming For the best

To provide the best products and services to our customers, we pursue mutual growth of individuals and companies.

Linking The trust

We work with flexibility, but we take responsibility for building trust with colleagues and customer

Innofin is a
validated by the
and relevant agencies.

Received the highest rating
in the 2015 Venture-Linked Entrepreneurship Support Program
in 2016, Selected as one of the K-Global Top 300 companies
by the Ministry of Science and ICT
Passed the first round of Robo-Advisor Testbed operational evaluation
In 2019, Selected as a specialized center
for the Financial Big Data Platform by the Ministry of Science and ICT
In 2019, Recognized as one of the top 100 innovative companies
by the National Information Society Agency (NIA) in South Korea
In 2020, Selected for the Technology Innovation Project
by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Innofin creates a prosperous world
in the past, present, and future.

  • Establishment of a company

  • Kiwoom Securities Open API Consulting

  • Foreign Exchange Futures Open API Consulting

  • Start-up leading venture

  • a government-sponsored project

  • Venture business certification

  • KR Creating an automatic futures trading service

  • Korea Finance IT Signal Production

  • Providing overseas gift algorithms

  • Development of Robo-Advisor System for Mirae Asset Asset Management Service

  • Kiwoom Securities Provides Overseas Futures Algorithm

  • Koscom Fintech Platform MOU Enters

  • Mirae Asset Daewoo Business Agreement

  • Hangaram Investment Advisory Business Convention

  • Robo-advisor Testbed Operation Review Passed

  • Kiwoom Securities Tudal Service Launched

  • Korea Investment & Securities Tudal Service Launching

  • Hangaram Investment Advisory MOU and Overseas ETF RA Products Launched

  • EBest Securities Launches Overseas ETF RA Product

  • Shinhan Investment M Folio Service Launched

  • BC Card Business Agreement

  • Naver X Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center Outstanding in the National AI/Big Data Contes

  • BC Index Launch

  • Robo-Advisor Company Acquires Pavot

  • a one-time investment acquisition

  • Pitch Partners Lineup Partners MOU Enters

  • ITBC Securities and Economic Broadcasting Service Launched

  • China's LinkedSee MOU was signed

  • China's Jiupu Securities Sign MOU

  • Switzerland AAAccell MOU signed

  • Attracting Alticast Investment

  • Selected as a Big Data Innovation Company among the top 100 DNA companies of the Ministry of Science and ICT

  • Ministry of Science and ICT's Financial Big Data Platform Consortium Specialized Center was selected

  • Shinhan Futures Lab selects the first company to enter Indonesia

  • Two Towers Private Equity MOU

  • Sign ANXONE MOU in Hong Kong

  • Japan Anchor Value MOU signed

  • STO exchange Smart Valor MOU signed


  • Singapore InsurTech 360F MOU signed

  • KOVEX Investment attraction

  • NIA Selection of financial big data platform secondary business

  • Financial Services Commission Select Financial Cloud Support Project

  • Korea Asset Investment & Securities Co., fintech virtual asset research agreement

  • Plug & Play Fintech selection


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