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Daniel Shon


“Degree, Sincerity, Honesty”


"Degree, Sincerity, Honesty"

Daniel Shon CEO
CEO Daniel Son holds a master's degree in financial law from Yonsei University.
As a director of the Venture Enterprise Association, he is well-versed in incubating numerous startups, having invested in and nurtured them.
Particularly knowledgeable in the fields of fintech and IT, he is committed to a business philosophy that prioritizes people over profits.
He firmly believes in conducting any endeavor with a dedication to degree, sincerity, and honesty.

John Lee


“Let's Create an Exciting Service!”


"Let's Create an Exciting Service!"

John Lee CEO
With the aim of combining technical expertise and investment know-how to create an enjoyable service, CEO John Lee founded Innofin.
Before founding this venture, he co-established a fintech and webtoon company.
Prior to that, he worked on medical big data processing and quant algorithm development.
Having majored in Computer Science during his undergraduate studies,
he pursued a specialization in blockchain at Hanyang University Graduate School.
The driving force behind his entrepreneurial journey is the passion for crafting entertaining services by leveraging his skills and insights.

Joshua Kim


"Hope to create a Service that Changes People and the World"

Joshua Kim CTO
A developer who graduated from the Korea Digital Media High School and completed the KAIST Gifted Education Program with honors,
Kim Han-ul pursued his studies in computer science at KAIST.
While on the path of IT, he felt a desire to develop something impactful that could change people's lives.
Driven by the aspiration to make a difference, he immersed himself in education alongside development.
He developed educational programs for adolescents and youth at an NPO, reaching thousands of individuals.

Jooho Shin


"Creating a More Convenient and Safer System"

Jooho Shin Director
Director Shin Joo-ho, with a major in Mechanical Engineering from KAIST,
has been operating as the CEO of Wealth App Company for several years.
Drawing upon his experience in constructing financial AI Big Data systems,
Director Shin aims to build a financial system that is not only more comfortable but also safer.

Jungki Kim


"I will do my best for profit protection and sound asset management."

Jungki Kim Director
Director Kim Jung-gi graduated with a major in Law from Seoul National University and
currently serves as the Compliance Officer at InoFin.
He is committed to giving his utmost effort for the protection of InoFin's interests and the promotion of sound asset management.

Donghyo Min


"Information and tools once exclusive to financial experts, now accessible to all investors."

Donghyo Min Director
Director Min Dong-hyo majored in Computer Science at the University of Washington and is currently pursuing
a master's degree in Financial Engineering at KAIST.
With a background that includes research in artificial intelligence at Intel Labs, Slalom Consulting,
and Tyler Technologies, he founded a fintech company based on AI algorithms, providing services for financial market analysis.
Now, he aims to bring the information and tools traditionally used by financial experts to a broader audience,
making them accessible to all investors.

Jaeyoul Jon


"I will create an investment algorithm that individuals can win with"

Jaeyoul Jon Analyst
Analyst Jeon Jae-yeol majored in Statistics and Economics at the University of
Toronto St. George and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Financial Engineering at KAIST.
With previous experience as a client onboarding analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co. and as a Research Assistant
at KB Securities, he combines market analysis expertise with financial engineering to develop an investment algorithm
that empowers individuals to succeed

Dongsu Ha


"With Attention to Detail and Ethical Consideration"

Dongsu Ha manager
Manager Ha Dong-soo is in charge of the Management Support Team at InoFin,
responsible for the company's household affairs. With extensive experience in accounting audit and examination
at Samil Accounting Corporation and Samduk Accounting Corporation, he now contributes to the overall management
of the company at InoFin with meticulous task handling and a strong sense of ethics

Yongsuk Lee


"We provide a perfect service through seamless development"

Yongsuk Lee Developer
Mr. Lee Yong-seok majored in Computer Science at Yonsei University and pursued Software Engineering at the graduate level at Yonsei University as well.
As a full-stack developer, he has developed and launched various products in fields such as finance, education, healthcare, transportation,
and construction. Currently, he is dedicated to collaborating with Innofin to deliver accurate and diverse financial services through meticulous
and comprehensive development

Wonwoo Oh


"To ensure the convenience of all users"

Wonwoo Oh Developer
Mr. Oh Won-woo graduated with a degree in Computer Science and started his career as a web developer,
gaining valuable experience. Currently, he is responsible for big data management using data crawling technology
and developing React Native applications, all with the goal of ensuring the convenience of all users

Harry H.S. Moon


"I aim to develop to provide users with the best experience"

Harry H.S. Moon Developer
While majoring in Information Science Technology (IST) at Penn State University and studying IT consulting,
Mr. Moon found a deeper interest in getting involved in the process of creating solutions.
He completed a UI/UX internship to further engage in the development process and subsequently began his career as a developer.
His goal is to develop with the aim of providing users with the best possible experience.

Eugene Cho

Financial Manager
조유진_Financial Manager

"For a perfect today, for a better tomorrow!"

Eugene Cho Financial Manager
Eugene Cho majored in Economics at Emory University and began her career in the Sales & Marketing division
of the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) at Nintendo. He gained experience in marketing related to games, VR, and AR.
Now, as an editor at Innofin, he is dedicated to providing the best services, aiming for perfection today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Robert Choi

Financial Manager
최현우_Financial Manager

"Innovate your investment !"

Robert Choi Financial Manager
I will provide high-quality content to assist you in making good investments.
Sustaining good investments as an investor is challenging, and consistently timing them is even more difficult.
Strength is truly unleashed when good thoughts, actions, and investments accumulate.
At Innofin, I will strive to deliver valuable content that helps investors on their journey.

Sunyoung Chae


"I will work for a more enjoyable tomorrow than today."

Sunyoung Chae UX/UI
With a major in Multimedia Design, Ms. Chae Seon-young has worked as a designer in the insurance and finance industries.
He is always committed to visualizing complex terminology and vast information efficiently.
He strives to create more advanced designs for tomorrow than today, making the user experience more enjoyable and effective.

Haunggyun Kim


"I believe there is a reason behind even intuitive ideas."

Haunggyun Kim UX/UI
I prioritize designs that consider the relationships between smaller flows rather than just visual elements.
To achieve this, I strive for a comprehensive understanding of all tasks related to the design.
I aim for designs with a purpose, aiming to convey intuitiveness to users while seeking to be a talent that can find solutions independently.

the Best Technology And the Best People